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Hi all and thank you for visiting my site!

As this site is mainly dedicated to modelling, suppose I must place here a CV or something. But, on my opinion, it’s a bit boring. Moreover, this CV would look weird as in my life I did hell of a lot of different things – from journalism to PR-managing, with translation, designing and photography somewhere in the middle. Videoengineering, camera work. Advertising, marketing. Voiceovers. Bodypainting, of course! Mixed up with modelling it sounds… well, unusual. So let’s better go for a short biography.

I am coming from a fantasy, non-existent country – the USSR. My native language is Russian, which is not hard to guess from my name. At the age of 5 I caught a vicious graphomania and was writing all kinds of stuff ever since. No wonder, journalism became my profession. Still, I made away from the University ASAP – right after receiving my first degree. Then there was a looooong journalistic period, running few sportive projects and being thrown into different life situations. This gave me some valuable experiences, such as: ability to play billiards, knowledge of kart-driving, strong travelling background and bulletproofness to all the negative situations I can imagine.

My modelling started on inspiration – one fine day, as they say. I was just temporarily moving to London, and the idea of making few magazines’ covers in my spare time seemed to be quite OK. England was much fun (and, from time to time, sorrow as well). However, I was always very nice, obedient illegal alien – so nice, that after more than ten trips there and back Bitish embassies decided that it’s enough for me and banned me from coming again (with no reason, and I mean it). Enough to hate the country forever, isn’t it? Still, I only hate its bacon. I think that one shouldn’t judge the whole nation by the bunch of arrogant angry bureaucrats…

In the middle of 2009 life made another twist and I relocated to Austria. Now I am permanently residing in Tirol – enjoying the mountains, wonders of German language and snow (which appeared to be not so frequent here, as many people abroad think).

Here, in Austria, I finally got the ability to summarize everything and concentrate on the things I like to do the most. First of all, it’s modelling – my portfolio includes covers of the magazines, life posing, appearances in different mass-medias, catwalks and acting… but to enrich the list with something new is always nice, heh?.. My big creative passion is bodypainting (yes, apart from posing I also work with brushes now and then). Besides that I wrote a book about my life in England and first steps in modelling, chapters of which are available at this site (to be exact, here). And I want to share it all with you, my dear visitors!

If you want to work together, ask me a question or just say something nice, please, go to the Contact page. Otherwise jump to the other pages and ENJOY!

Your Julia

PS. Ok, if you’re still interested in my weight-height-etc., visit my portfolio on www.modelmayhem.com.

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