As much as modelling, my big-big joy is writing. Therefore one day I decided to combine both. And now it is time to display the result.

This page is going to be regularly updated with some of the chapters from my novel



So don’t miss out the opportunity to get this for free – later it will only be available in a printed [paid :)] version!!!

For those, who are still wondering ‘What is it all about?’, here is a little annotation:

”After a number of personal tragedies, Maria, the young interpreter from Ukraine, comes to England in search for a life’s change. Full of energy and determination, she believes in herself. Over a period of few months in London the girl goes through complete crash of her illusions, facing troubled jobless life and being fully neglected by a foreign society. Tempting to break up from this desperate circle, she starts modelling career and gets a certain success, which finally puts her in front of a hard choice between moral and material values. Thus, wishing to stay in peace with herself, Maria leaves London and moves to a little village, where resides a man she met in England and fell in love with. Consequently it brings her another, the biggest disappointment and a very important final decision…”

Based on a true story (of course!)

Contains very explicit sexual scenes and bad language (double of course!)

The unobtrusive mixture of political and social subjects together with insider’s view on modelling / show business industry plus ‘love story’ features and erotic references make this novel suitable for a vide audience.

Oriented on the readers of all nations, ranged from 20 to 60 years old, both male and female. In other words, it’s for all of you!



And send my greetings to the Union Jack :)!

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